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Wizards of the Coast wants to see how you’re using Amonkhet in our store.

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Ammonkhet Open House

Saturday, April 15th, 10AM – 530PM stop by our little shop and learn how to play some Magic The Gathering, if you don’t know already how.

What is this Open House we speak of? Well, gentle reader, it’s a new Pre-Pre-Release event to get hungry hobbyists into the world of the Planeswalker. It’s a great event for getting your feet wet and getting free cards. Heck, test your newly acquired skills at the casual Standard event starting at 230pm.

Here is Wizards official blurb:

“Set to occur the Saturday before Amonkhet Prerelease, this new event encourages casual fun for new players and easy, league-style Standard play with a participation promo reward.

On Saturday, April 15, invite players of all levels to come together to learn and play Magic, say farewell to Aether Revolt, and look ahead to the next exciting release—Amonkhet.”

We will have starter decks on hand for anyone looking to give it a try and anyone who wants to play, can with a Hobby Habit player.

There are promo land cards for participating and don’t miss out on the CASUAL STANDARD EVENT/230PM. $FREE$




March 26th Fight Night

Our Warhammer community has quickly grown into an accomplished group of avid painters, fun players, and tournament bound peeps who have shown time and again they have a true love for the hobby.

Check out the action from tonight! All Age of Sigmar battles.

Models painted by (in no particular order): Ty Bowen, Tim Laurence, Johannes Hoogstraten, Jesse Brown, Jacob Brown, and Michael Mzask.

Photo Mar 26, 4 18 38 PM Photo Mar 26, 4 19 06 PM Photo Mar 26, 4 19 18 PM Photo Mar 26, 4 19 55 PM Photo Mar 26, 4 20 11 PM Photo Mar 26, 5 58 47 PM Photo Mar 26, 5 59 13 PM Photo Mar 26, 5 59 54 PM Photo Mar 26, 6 00 53 PM Photo Mar 26, 6 01 04 PM Photo Mar 26, 6 01 32 PM Photo Mar 26, 6 01 51 PM