We have one of the largest puzzle stockpiles around. From simple 150pc. sets up to 1000+ beautiful pictures, we have what you’re looking for.


Yes, we have models. Yes, we have a great supply of models! From one full of aisle of cars and another aisle dedicated to ships, planes, and trucks, we have a great collection of old and new models just waiting to be put together by you. Don’t forget the paint and glue!


The train hobby is one of the oldest around. A fun, engaging hobby that pushes your abilities as an artist and a scenic craftsman, the hobby is alive and well at Hobby Habit. From O to HO to N and that’s not all. Plenty of box cars to choose from. Looking for a set to get the hobby started? We have them. Come in and walk the wall.


It’s time to take flight the only way one can…sending up a rocket! Do we have a selection for you! Engines, wadding, launchers, we have it all! If it’s been since the days of high school since last you launched then it is high time to come back to a fun hobby.


A simple fact: living spaces need to smell good but air fresheners can get expensive. Why not make your own? Candles are a great, old school way to liven up your home. We have the wax, the wicks, the scents and the colors. It’s the hobby that also beautifies your domicile.


Sometimes, you have to shoot your best friend with a CO2 charged, plastic┬áball of glorious paint. We carry guns, paint balls, CO2 cannisters and the CO2 to fill them. Don’t forget your hoppers and masks. Them are important!

Science Kits and More

Telescopes. Microscopes. Engineering kits. Bug catching kits. Ant Farms. The essentials are here!

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