Warhammer in the valleyNOV

That’s right Warhammer fans! Friday, Novembrer 6, is Game Night/Fight Night for Warhammer/Miniatures gaming types! Bring your armies down to the Anderson Perry Conference room for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, 40k, and possible Fantasy action!

Needing to add to or expand your army? Stop by Hobby Habit and peruse our selection and/or visit Games Workshop online! We can order in units for your future conquerers!


New Monster Truck and Buggy from ECX!

ECX has come out with their new 1/10th scale that is fun, affordable, and repairable for a great price point of $150.00! The Amp 2WD Monster Truck and Dune Buggy are great, introductory RC’s with replaceable parts that we already have in stock!ampMTECX

Stop by today and get an up-close-look at the Monster Truck.

The monster truck is available in either a Black/Green color scheme or the White/Orange scheme in the photo above.

The Buggy comes in Black/Yellow or White/Red.

Hobby Habit: Just for the fun of it!

The 4K…Is…HERE!

That’s right drone video enthusiasts! The Chroma Camera Drone 4k has arrived at our store and now sits proudly on the shelf next to the awesome 1080p Chroma Camera Drone.

chroma4k1chroma4k2 chroma4k6The joy of this beauty is imagine, just imagine, you’re flying the Chroma Camera Drone out around Indian Rock. It’s sailing out and about, capturing the beauty and the wonder, and you can’t wait to get it into your computer for editing.

 Now imagine that you shot it all in 4k. Quite a sight indeed!


All the same wonderful features of the Chroma Camera Drone with only a small bump in price to go from 1080p to 4k.

You want stable flying, still got it!

You want smooth pans and tilts, it’s got it!

You want 4k now, you can have it!

$1300 only at Hobby Habit.

Just for the fun of it!

Gundam Style Has Arrived at Hobby Habit!

Photo Aug 15, 1 19 12 PM

You asked and we delivered. We now have, in-stock, Gundam Wing models! From Justice Gundam to Zeta and back to Kampfer. We have a good selection just itching for someone to come and peek through it.

Prices range from $14.00 up to $30.00.

We’re excited to get these in your hands so stop by today and be the first to pick one up; eyeballing a couple for myself.

Just for the fun of it!



Two Great Magic The Gathering Events this Week!

FNM: Free StandardGet your weekend started with a little Free Standard action at the one, the only place to play, the Hobby Habit. That starts at 4:00p.m., player.

Then stick around, pay $15.00, and play some Advanced FNM with the Draft. A fun tournament that keeps things interesting.

We also have…air conditioning! hotel air conditioner icon

A great way to play and keep the body temperature temperate!



The Last Month of Summer

Time is ticking away as Summer is drawing closer to its inevitable end but don’t fret. There are hours and hours of fun to be had in the beautiful days ahead.

We can help!


Have you tried going out and taking in a couple rounds of disc golf? We got the discs! Stop by and have a look.

Photo Aug 09, 1 15 44 PM


If by land, sea, and/or air, RC is a great hobby to enjoy on those sunny days when you are just feeling the need for speed!

Photo Aug 09, 1 17 48 PM


It’s time for lift off! Rockets are another great way to spend your summer days. Watch as you launch one into the air and then have it float peacefully to the ground.

Photo Aug 09, 1 19 39 PM

There is plenty to do, in this grand old valley of ours so stop in, pick up the essentials, and start your new hobby!

Just for the fun of it!