The Cursed Wars — An AoS Tournament

age-of-sigmar-essentialsHobby Habit is proud to present our first-ever

Age of Sigmar Tournament


The world has changed. Gone are the dominant ways of the High Elves, Bretonians, and Empire.


A new age has been ushered in; one of constant struggle between mighty Order, brutal Destruction, menacing Death, and bloody Chaos. We enter a world where the Stormcast Eternals explode from the heavens, the armies of Chaos have rallied into nigh unbreakable forces, new armies rise up to challenge for superiority and, all of this, will be tested at Hobby Habit on Saturday, May 20th.


Welcome to our  Age of Sigmar Tournament, “The Cursed War.”


In our tournament, players will be rallying their armies of Vanguard strength (1000 pts.) to clash swords against fellow generals on one of may cursed lands that will either aid them in their trials or hold them back from victory.


For all the complete, crucial *information available*, download it by clicking this link.


If you have any questions, or concerns, feel free to submit them to the Hobby Habit via our email at or visit us on Facebook.


*Information is subject to change until May 12th, a week before the tournament.*