The 4K…Is…HERE!

That’s right drone video enthusiasts! The Chroma Camera Drone 4k has arrived at our store and now sits proudly on the shelf next to the awesome 1080p Chroma Camera Drone.

chroma4k1chroma4k2 chroma4k6The joy of this beauty is imagine, just imagine, you’re flying the Chroma Camera Drone out around Indian Rock. It’s sailing out and about, capturing the beauty and the wonder, and you can’t wait to get it into your computer for editing.

 Now imagine that you shot it all in 4k. Quite a sight indeed!


All the same wonderful features of the Chroma Camera Drone with only a small bump in price to go from 1080p to 4k.

You want stable flying, still got it!

You want smooth pans and tilts, it’s got it!

You want 4k now, you can have it!

$1300 only at Hobby Habit.

Just for the fun of it!